Brockton Villa

Valerie   August 17, 2016   No Comments on Brockton Villa

Brockton Villa is a cute restaurant on the coast in La Jolla. It is in a great location, and has pretty good pancakes! Read on for more details about these pancakes that come with a view. 

Brockton Villa has two varieties of pancakes on the menu. One is the Cinnamon Roll Pancake, and the other is the BV Pancake. The BV Pancake comes with three buttermilk pancakes, and the option to add up to two of the following- Strawberries, Walnuts, Bananas, Chocolate Chips, Blueberries, or Granola.  Lots of mix and match options!

20160626 brockton villa5

BV Pancakes with bananas and granola

I ordered the BV Pancakes with bananas and granola. In the picture above you can see they are thick and fluffy. They have a little crust on the top and bottom, and are cakey in the middle. They added a lot of the toppings I selected in the batter, which was great.

They served the pancakes with wrapped up butter packets and syrup in the technical pour container. Luckily, the butter packets were nice and soft, and easy to spread! They also gave a little cup of jam on the side, which was yummy.

20160626 brockton villa2

They passed the fork test easily. They fell apart a little bit when dipped in the syrup, but they were really tasty overall!

20160626 brockton villa1

I know you’re on the edge of your seats… Here are Colin’s Coffee Comments: “It’s alright.”

20160626 brockton villa4

brockton villa logo

Restaurant Summary Notes:

  • Overall Pancake Rating: 15 out of 16 villas
  • Fork test: Pass
  • Bacon: It was OK, I’d order it again!
  • Butter: Usually my least favorite type, but it was soft and easy to spread, so it was fine!
  • Syrup Delivery Method: Technical pour
  • Syrup Taste: It was good! It was a little more watery than classic maple, but there was plenty to go around and it paired well with the fluffy pancake.
  • Other Restaurant Notes: Very busy restaurant and it’s best to make reservations. Parking is a little tough, but there are several paid lots around to select from.
  • Website: