Portland, Oregon: Batter, Griddle & Drinkery

If you’re curious about getting some pancakes in the city of Portland, I have your answer…

With a name that begins with the word “batter”, I had a feeling this place would be great. I was right. I love all of the pancake selections they had on the menu, it was so hard to chose! With pancake choices that ranged from sweet to savory (“bananarama”, “mocha me go”, “you bet your buns”, “maple bacon”, “true blue”… it goes on…), I ultimately landed on the “pecan do it!” pancakes. I don’t know, they spoke to me that morning.     

The description read “Award-winning dish! Pancakes with toasted fresh pecans, brown sugar streusel, and fresh maple whipped cream.” FRESH MAPLE WHIPPED CREAM?! How could I pass that up?

So were they good? In a word, YAS. They were delectable and rich. They were not served with butter. Instead, you kind of spread the maple whipped cream across them, or you could scoop the whipped cream with each bite if you wanted. The syrup was a technical pour. In terms of taste, the syrup was really maple-y… more like a classic Vermont maple syrup. It was a little sweet for my taste. I only added a teeny bit on the side, but chose to eat most of the dish without the syrup.

The pancakes themselves narrowly passed the fork test. That is my only complaint here. You had to work a little bit to get your fork to cut the pancake.

Colin ordered pancakes too. He ordered “The King”, which were pancakes served with bananas, bacon, and home-made peanut butter. He said they were great but very filling. Here is a picture for reference!

How about Colin’s Coffee Comments? Colin says, “Tasty.”

Restaurant Summary Notes:

  • Overall Pancake Rating: 33 out of 37 griddles
  • Fork test: Narrow Pass
  • Bacon: Thick cut, good!
  • Butter: None served
  • Syrup Delivery Method: Technical pour
  • Syrup Taste: Good
  • Website: http://www.batterpdx.com/

Last, here is a picture of my pretty latte 🙂

The end.