Richard Walker’s Pancake House

Any restaurant that has “pancake house” in the name has got to be one I try out for this pancake blog. Richard Walker’s is located in downtown San Diego. The lines are long, but the pancakes are good…

I ordered the pancake sampler option- gotta cover all my bases. It included two pancakes each of three different varieties (your choice). I went with the plain buttermilk (the control), “chocolate chippies”, and blueberry.

20160717 richard walkers1

You can see above that the chocolate chippies come with a small cup of whipped cream, and the blueberry pancakes come with a small side of extra blueberries. Here is a photo of the butter as well as syrup delivery methods:

20160717 richard walkers4

Syrup delivery method- the classic pour. The butter is whipped.

I assume they gave me three canisters of syrup because I had three varieties of pancake. There was more than enough syrup to go around. I only used the butter on the buttermilk and the blueberry pancakes, so there was also enough butter. As usual, whipped butter is the easiest to spread!

All three varieties tasted good, my favorite being the chocolate. They also all passed the fork test with flying colors. My main complaint with the blueberry was that I wished they put more of the blueberries in the batter as opposed to putting them on the side. The buttermilk were good, but not amazing.

And now, time for Colin’s Coffee Comments: “It’s OK.”

20160717 richard walkers3.5

Restaurant Summary Notes:

  • Overall Pancake Rating: 5 out of 7 rabbits
  • Fork test: Passed on all three varieties. Texture was good and didn’t fall apart!
  • Bacon: We gave it a ZERO. Terrible bacon… burned on the edges and just gross. Don’t bother.
  • Butter: Whipped, easy to spread, and good
  • Syrup Delivery Method: The classic pour, more than enough to go around!
  • Syrup Taste: Good
  • Other Restaurant Notes: Long lines and a tiny restaurant. Eat a snack before you go if you get the shakes when you are hungry like I do!
  • Website:

Here is a photo of Colin and I waiting in the line (it’s a 360 degree image, click and drag to look around!). They don’t accept reservations. We arrived at 10am and waited for about 20 minutes to be seated.

Richard Walker's Line

  • Colin

    Wow the 360 is soooooooo cool

  • Brandon H

    I’ve got word that from behind the scenes there…. no one would eat there if they saw what my friends saw.

    • pancakeparagraphs

      Interesting! I feel like that’s probably the case with most restaurants though… haha