The Mission North Park

We took some time off from the blog for research purposes. But now it’s time to get back at it! First up… The Mission in North Park!

I have been there on several occasions for breakfast, and ordered many-a-pancake.  This time around, I decided to get weird and order the Granola Banana Pancakes. I don’t know why, I just felt like it.

As you can see, The Mission has awesome presentation of their plates. I don’t normally care too much about presentation… but look at it! It’s beautiful! But down to business- how do they taste?

These pancakes are fluffy and truly “cakey”. I’d say that’s a good thing in this case. Sometimes banana pancakes can get a little soggy, but these were cooked just right. You can see they are a little brown on the top– perfect. They easily passed the fork test, and they didn’t get too crumbly with the granola and bananas inside.

Now, let’s talk a little about the syrup delivery method at The Mission. As you can see, they use the squirt bottle delivery method. I am not really sure how I feel about it. From a technical standpoint, it definitely gets the job done. It provides plenty of syrup and you can keep reapplying. But I have heard reports from friends that they’ve seen said squirt bottle being sucked on by a little kid. Ever since I heard that, I can’t shake the image! A little kid just sucking on it like a bottle. Yuck. Which begs the question- do these get washed? How often do they take the caps off and wash them? Do they just refill these over and over? Am I going to get mono? We may never know. I can say though, they looked clean, and I’ve never gotten sick. …But it does make you wonder. 🙂 The syrup taste is just OK, not my favorite.

Overall, the pancakes at The Mission are great. This review covers the granola banana pancakes specifically, but I have also eaten the blueberry pancakes, the naked pancakes, and the strawberry granola pancakes, all of them were very good. The French Toast is also yummy.

Lastly, how was the coffee? Here are Colin’s Coffee Comments:
… and there you have it folks.

Restaurant Summary Notes:

  • Overall Pancake Rating: 32 out of 36 missions (points off for syrup)
  • Fork test: Pass
  • Bacon: Forgot to order it 🙂
  • Butter: Whipped butter blob
  • Syrup Delivery Method: Squirt bottle
  • Syrup Taste: Not my favorite
  • Website: