The Naked Cafe

Valerie   November 30, 2017   No Comments on The Naked Cafe

The Naked Cafe is a small cafe that has a variety of breakfast foods, so I wanted to give their pancakes a try…

Located in the Point Loma area, their restaurant concept is to keep the recipes simple, clean, and natural. For the pancakes, you can pick from two types of batter- Buttermilk or Organic Whole Grain. Then using that batter, you can chose from 4 different types of pancakes- Blueberry, Fuzzy Monkey, Banana & Blackberry, and Tree Hugger. I chose the Buttermilk with Blueberry.   

Now to the point of the review- the taste. These did not taste good. I wrote in my notes: “These are a BIG meh on taste.” It was hard to put my finger on it, but the batter just did not taste good. They tasted bad. I thought maybe it was the blueberry, but then I tasted my son’s plain buttermilk pancake and it was the same bland, tasteless pancake, without blueberries. Their buttermilk batter was really lacking on any flavor or butteriness. Disappointing!

Because the taste was so bad (I didn’t even finish half of my serving!), I won’t go into detail about their texture. Overall, they passed the fork test, but there was a thicker crust on either side of the pancake. Overall, they were very unappealing.

To add to the disappointment, their syrup was also bad. It tasted bland, and it was simply not a good pair with these sad pancakes.

This is what I call the “olive oil” pour… Too bad it tasted bad.

For Colin’s Coffee Comments, he says, “Acidic”.

Restaurant Summary Notes:

  • Overall Pancake Rating: 0 out of 53 yogis.
  • Fork test: Pass
  • Butter: Block
  • Syrup Delivery Method: “Olive Oil” pour
  • Syrup Taste: Bad
  • Website: