The Waffle Spot

Valerie   April 9, 2017   No Comments on The Waffle Spot

We went to this odd little place in Mission Valley called The Waffle Spot… home of “The Waffle King”. This place was definitely strange, but also really popular!

The Waffle Spot is this small diner inside of the King’s Inn in Mission Valley. It has bright paint, and was packed full of people. It seemed really popular, so I was excited to try out their pancakes.

I decided to try their blueberry pancakes. The pancakes came with a whipped butter blob. This was plenty of butter to go around. The syrup taste was good. The pancakes themselves were on the dense side. Not my favorite texture, but not terrible.

I don’t have a lot to say about these pancakes! I guess they were… mediocre. Not bad, but not great. They passed the fork test, but honestly the presentation was weak. These were pretty uggo ‘cakes. 

I think Colin had similar thoughts on the coffee… here are Colin’s Coffee Comments:

“I like the mugs.”

So, will we visit The Waffle Spot again? Probably not. Was it a cute place with OK pancakes? Sure.  

Restaurant Summary Notes:

  • Overall Pancake Rating: 31 out of 50 Waffle Kings
  • Fork test: Pass
  • Bacon: Pretty good actually
  • Butter: Whipped butter blob
  • Syrup Delivery Method: Technical pour
  • Syrup Taste: Pretty classic tasting syrup
  • Website: