Yellowstone National Park: Bear Pit Restaurant at the Old Faithful Inn

Last week, the Pancake Paragraphs crew went on a little road trip up to Yellowstone National Park, and then on to Portland, Oregon. I decided it would be cool to test out the pancakes at a couple places while traveling! Here is my review of the pancakes I sampled while in Yellowstone.

We ate breakfast at the restaurant called “Bear Pit” in the Old Faithful Inn. If you are looking to eat some pancakes while on vacation here, this is the place to go! They had a couple different types of pancakes on the menu. In Yellowstone, it seems like everything is “huckleberry” flavored. Huckleberry seems to be a pretty big deal here, so naturally I ordered the “Huckleberry Pancakes”.

I ordered the short stack, which included 3 huckleberry pancakes. These pancakes were even served with huckleberry butter and huckleberry syrup! Overall, these pancakes were delicious. The butter was served in a small cup on the side, and there was plenty to go around. The huckleberry syrup was kind of more like a jam, but also still good. I opted for some additional regular maple syrup (technical pour delivery method) on the side.

They passed the fork test, and were really fluffy. They tasted great, and there was just the right amount of berry to batter ratio… not too much berry! The huckleberry butter was SO good with the pancakes too.

I would highly recommend these pancakes if you ever find yourself in Yellowstone. They were a delicious breakfast treat!

Last up, Colin’s Coffee Comments! Colin says… (drumroll)… “Good.”

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